Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall Hammer Throw Training Progression 2009

This month will make two years and two months for me since picking up the hammer upon returning home from my LDS church mission in August 2007. I figured my body type was much better suited for the hammer throw than the shot-put or discus. I have continually progressed despite not having a hammer throw coach here at BYU. I finished last season with a personal best of 59.22 meters (194'3" ft) at the west regional championships at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon (Home of the Oregon Ducks). This fall is the start of my Junior year here at BYU. I'm looking for big improvement and a trip back to Hayward Field for the NCAA National Championships this coming June with the goal of becoming an All-American.

A training goal of mine this year has been to have a more solid start and to increase the speed of my entry as I am a three-turn hammer thrower. While also learning to better push the ball on the right side through out the throw. In mid-october I started testing myself for distance off a one-turn, two-turn, and then three-turn throw. With the idea that by pushing the speed at the start and working towards increasing my one turn throw distance. And then working to a two-turn throw, while focusing on pushing the right side. I would be able to transfer that speed and power into my third turn.

So the goal each week was to set a personal best in at least one category (1,2, or 3 turn). I was able to test three weeks before the cold brought me inside.

Here is my Fall Progression:

10/15/09-Felt very good today

One-turn: 134'3"
Two-turn: 167'

10/22/09-Felt okay

One-turn: 140'
Two-turn: 167'

11/10/09-A little tired today

One-turn: 151'
Two-turn: 180'
Three-turn:197'(I had some technical difficulties with staying solid on three....wasn't a very good day....I felt like I should have been up near 205-210'....but time will reveal all)



  1. I try to teach all my athletes that the winds and entry sets the tone for the turns. The tempo of your 2nd wind into the first turn sets the pace. The finish, should be as Yuri says, "be a 4th turn for a 3 turn thrower, with a little lift". I also find, if you throw the weight indoors, that a few medballs on ropes, with a hammer handle attached with a clamp of some kind, allows you to work your winds and turns while waiting for better weather. But, try not to let the weather be to much of a hassle. I remember in the 90s seeing a picture of Yuri throwing in the snow, with a freshly cleaned off circle. Question for you? Do you do practice turns higher than 3? Like 5-10? And do you use higher or lower weight hammers? And lastly, have you ever just thrown a 5 or 6 kg hammer and see if you hit your goal marks? Just hitting your goal marks with a slightly lighter hammer will help you get the correct "feel" for going long.

    Robert Willmott