Monday, November 23, 2009

Weight Throw- to do or not to do????

Many of us throwers here in the U.S. have had the opportunity to throw the weight. I personally have thrown the weight since high school and have had some good success in it. Lately though I have grown to not like it and if I had my way I would get rid of it. In high school the weight is only 25 lbs. which is pretty light, and it doesn't take much to throw it. But once you hit college or the big leauges the weight jumps up by 10 lbs. I've always wondered why the girls never have to jump up in weights for the throws and I find it kind of unfair. Anyways, through the many years of me throwing the weight I have come to think of it more as a nusaince then a necessity. This year I decided to not throw the weight and to focus more on the shot put and discus and to only throw the hammer for fun when I want to. My coach has other plans though and wants to make me compete in the weight indoors so our team can get points for conference and potentially nationals. Which brings up my first reason of why the weight should be done away with. Many coaches in college make their throwers do the weight in order to get more points for their team in meets. I understand that many coaches are paid according to how they do, but isn't track supposed to be about the athletes and not the coaches???? I think there are many great shot/discus/hammer throwers that waste precious practice time on the weight just so they can score points, or many win a championships. The second reason of why I think the weight should be eliminated is because the darn thing is so heavy!!!!! 35 lbs!!! Are we serious!!?? I know in some other countries the weights are even heavier. The risk of injury is serious when you have kids throwing that heavy of weight around in a circle. Throwing the weight in high school I never had injuries, but since being in college it seems like every season I throw the weight something bad happens to my body because of it. Think of all the blisters, torn skin, sore backs and necks we've all had because of this thing. The third reason is because I believe it doesn't help hammer throwers become better. I have always been able to figure out how to throw the weight far but never have been as good in the hammer. I think America has a tendency sometimes to try and develop weight throwers instead of developing hammer throwers. I know of many potentially great hammer throwers that waste months indoors trying to perfect the weight throw, just to go outside and try and figure out how to throw the hammer all over again. I don't believe you can throw a weight like a hammer and if someone says they can...then good for you...you're amazing. Here is a link to an interview of anatoly bondarchuck, who explains at one point why he thinks the weight is bad- http://www.garagestrength.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/miller-reflections-of-a-master-bondarchuk-interview.pdf

Well those are just my thoughts on the weight throw and why I think it should be stopped. I know its fun to throw sometimes and it allows some athletes to succeed....but is it really all worth it in the long run...??

Happy throws!


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