Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yesterdays Snatch Results

Here is my results on video (thanks to Deezbaa) from the snatch lift yesterday. A few years ago (2004) I had a very significant elbow injury in which I tore most of the flexor tendons in my right arm as well as completely blowing out my unicolateral ligament (the same one that baseball pitchers tear). While on my two year mission the tendons healed but I have been left without my UCl...lol. So I perform my snatches with a narrow grip, the same grip I would use in the clean and jerk. Direct overhead bone on bone pressure doesn't bother me but when moving my grip out the pressure becomes more indirect and puts more strain on the tendons and ligaments in my elbow and then I have problems. So I do my snatches with a narrower grip than normal. Which sometimes makes it a little awkward as you will see when I have to drop deep under the bar to catch the weight because my shoulders aren't able to rotate back as well as they would with a wider grip. So my center of gravity shifted forward as my weight shifted on to my toes, and as a result I had to step forward and underneath the bar to control it. But overall it was an acceptable lift. Narrow grip snatches are great for hammer throwers as it requires alot of hip and leg extension to pull the bar high enough to catch it (the legs and hips are used to accelerate the hammer and a lot of extension is used at the point of release). The height of the bar has to be alot higher than in a regular wide grip snatch so you generate alot of power which is what where looking for when trying to throw far!

We will do it again in 6 weeks.

125 Kilos or 275 lbs

120 Kilos or 264 lbs

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