Wednesday, December 9, 2009

72 years old and still throwing far!

Here are 2 recent videos of former 6x world record holder L Jay Silvester throwing the discus. He is 72 years old and still likes to fool around with the 1kg discus every once and a while. I believe he has the world record for age group 70-74. He is throwing on a mondo surface with tennis shoes on...(that would kill my knees :)) He is in great shape for a guy his age and I hear he can still squat some good weight.

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  1. There is a Warrior. I can still remember back in '74 when I first came to BYU, I was in awe. Not having a real coach, I had learned to "throw" the discus in high school (with very modest success)from studying sequence photos of L.J. in the now defunct magazine, ATHLETIC JOURNAL.When I walked into the weight room at BYU and he was working out, I couldn't believe it was really him. He was 40+ then and benching 400 for doubles, squatting close to 600...etc. and of course made the discus sail like I'd never seen.I became involved in the extra-mural powerlifting team and he served as our advisor. He treated us well. He has always been an inspiration. I hope he breaks the world record for the 100+ age group.( I hope I still have my teeth then) -ojwhaley