Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chinese Elite Level Training

In my heart, I am a world traveler. Unfortunately my body hasn’t gotten much farther then Toronto and Tiajuana. Randall Strossen’s Ironmind training hall tapes and the internet has been a great opportunity for guys like me to see how athletes from around the world solve the problems of how to lift the greatest weight over head. We have been able to see the Bulgarians train until they bleed, going to the max in the competitive lifts and not much else multiple times each day, day after day. The Soviets, who use a greater variety of exercises and periodize the volume and intensity over the long range. Their system plans loading over a multiple year cycle.
Anyone who follows lifting at all today cannot help but be impressed with the success of the Chinese. Their women weightlifters have dominated for over a decade and now their men’s team has reached a similar level of performance.

They are strong and they are deep. Obviously they have huge population numbers to support their programs. They are not “inhibited” by moral concerns such as freedom of choice and of course there is always the spector of “medicinal support.” But given all of that, there is still a great deal we can learn from their methods. Below is a nice segment that takes about 30 minutes that is understandable to us who only speak English and Navajo. Lol It shows a wide variety of exercises and also the Warrior Attitude that it takes to compete at the highest levels. Is this the way the rest of should train?
Probably not. Almost certainly not.
As much as we wish we were, most of us are not in the genetically elite category, however, until we have strived over a period of years, even decades, we’ll never know what our ultimate potential is. There is much we can learn from these elite athletes if we keep in mind that we may not be as genetically robust or have the support system, including “recovery medications.” It is my opinion, and mine only, that these athletes would still be winning most of the medals even in a 100% “clean” competition environment.
-Ollie Whaley

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