Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gerd Kanter

Here are 3 random videos of Gerd Kanter training. I was fortunate enough to spend some time working out with him 2 summers ago. One of the throw vids has a throw of his over 70m. He is benching 190kg in the bench press vid. He is not super strong in the weight room like some other world class throwers but he has tremendous throwing strength and excellent technique. Any thoughts??-LHA


  1. What a great athlete. It seems to me that he is an example of some of the ideas expressed on this site. As you say, he is not "super strong". There are certainly stronger throwers out there, not many who can throw with him though. On the other hand, his lifts are certainly very, very good. On the GLobal Throwing site it shows him doing a 180 power clean with very little drop under. ALso a 290 back squat to good depth and 215 bench. Certainly a sufficient basic strength and power base to throw far. His technique seems super efficient allowing him to maximize his power into the implement. You mention that you had the opportunity to train some with him I'm sure Nik has too. DOes he do any "special work"? Any specific expercises beyond the usual basics it shows on the site? It seems he lifts to get strong and powerful and throws to improve his throwing. I'd like your insights on this.
    Thanks, ojwhaley

  2. the only different than some and not so special is that he throws the discus tool that looks like a little hammer and weighs 2.5kg.

  3. vesteinn is really big into throwing the denfi tool. It helps build "throwing strength" and for most throwers it seems to make them throw with better techinque than with a normal discus....I know gerd doesn't do any snatches because he doesn't like to do them. I like the way he benches- he does have the pad to help him but his benching is always pretty fast and explosive. He warms up a long time before each throwing session, like he jogs for a while and then does drills and hurdle drills and then stretches out(maybe why he doesn't have so many injuries). One thing I've heard about gerd is that him and jurgen shult are the 2 best throwers with their orbit and have the best "pulls" during their throw.

  4. he throws a lot of throws during the year...builds up a good base...he has a good backwards shot put throw...i can't remember how far but i just remember it being far maybe 21.50 or more. I also saw him throw pretty far left handed...maybe 50 m