Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shot Put Training Progression

I love to throw the shot put. But, what I love even more is throwing the shot put using the "glide" technique. To me, no one should throw the shot put unless they glide. From 2005-2007 I lived in Taiwan and my main means of transportation was a bike. I crashed many times on a bike and one time fell hard after being hit by a car and sprained my wrist really bad. I didn't throw the shot put in 2008 because of wrist pain and didn't decide to start throwing it until last indoor season. It had been 3 years since I had thrown the shot put and my technique and strength were way off. I wanted to start out my training correctly. Last year me and my brother Niklas decided to copy some ideas from an article we saw on Ulf Timmermann's shot put training. Since last season I have been using this program once a week. Basically what the training session involves is 7 different exercises using a heavier shot (in my case 18lbs.) The exercises are in order- kneeling put, standing non-reverse, standing reverse, right leg drill, no left leg full throw, full throw non-reverse, and finally a full with reverse. I do 3 throws for each exercise and mark the farthest and record it. I keep a log of my best throws week by week and try and break my pr's each practice. This has helped me a lot with my throwing strength and I have strengthened some key positions in my throw. I still have lots to work on and my technique is still not the best but I feel that his has helped my shot putting a lot and has helped me get to a point in my training and competing that I can build on. I recommend this for all gliders.

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