Monday, December 7, 2009

Weightroom Hammer Drills for Variation

By Oliver Whaley

Here are a few weightroom throwing drills for all the hammer throwers out there. Most of these you have seen before, just my own twist on it. The goal is to maintain good posture and use your legs, hips, and stomach muscles to initiate the movement and decelerate it on the opposite end too. The big twist here is to keep your arms long and rather than just twisting at the trunk with feet planted. Rotate your lower body using your hips, legs, and stomach like you would in a throw (turning heel to toe also) and learn to feel the muscles involved with accelerating the movement. Try to maintain correct hammer position and keep the weight arms length chest high throughout the drills. You can play with different weights and drill speed. These have really helped me to feel stronger on the right side and to learn to better feel the key muscles involved with pushing the ball on the right side too. It also helps to bring your throwing shoes to the weightroom for these because its hard to turn in weightlifting shoes lol. I have a few more I didn't get a chance to video, but will post them later. Comments, feedback, and discussion is welcomed.

1 comment:

  1. Cool. Some good ideas for bridging the gap between the standard lifts and throwing. I am confused about the 3rd and 6th drills. When ever I try to stand on the wall like you are doing, I fall off. Is that a Navajo Warrior skill to ba able to do that?lol
    Really, good stuff.