Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 Wildcat Open

Yesterday we had a meet at weber state university. We thought we were going to throw in a gym but we ended up throwing in a multi-purpose room of a daycare facility next to the local highschool...(ghetto...I know...) The meet kind of dragged on and took a long time to finish. Most of the shot putters had been at the meet for more then 5 hours before we threw. We ended up finishing around 8:30pm. Niklas had his season debut in shot and won throwing 18.12. I got second throwing 18.00. Niklas did well considering it's his first shot put meet in 3 years and he just recently has had problems with a severe ankle sprain and hyper extended toe. I felt really tired leading up to the competition and kind of felt "dead" by the time our throwing started. It was really hard to get pumped up and my technique felt off. This is probably the worst 18m throw I have done technically. If I would have had better positions during the throw I think this could have gone 19m. In the video I yelled really loud because I thought it was going to go farther. Oliver had a fun time at the meet. Oliver had some great warm up throws and looked really in sync. The problem was that the ceiling was really low and on Oliver's second throw he hit the ceiling and broke a roof tile. That throw was the best throw I had ever seen from Oliver and if it wouldn't have hit the ceiling it probably would have been a 4 foot pr. Oliver's best throw was close to 64' and it traveled 6 feet off the ground the whole time.. Overall I think we are rounding up into the shape we need to be for next week's MWC championship.

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