Sunday, February 28, 2010

A couple of things that bug me......

#1- The Weight throw
I hate how heavy this thing is. Why is this an event again? What stinks more is that if I go to nationals I have to compete against studs like Henning who throw ten feet farther than me.....embarrassing.
#2-Shot Spinners
Being one of the only gliders in the NCAA is hard. I don't have the capacity of hitting big throws like spinners do. I have thrown over 18 meters 5 times this year. Right now I am not qualified by ranking to go to the indoor NCAA meet, and if I don't decide to go to a last chance meet, my indoor shot putting is done. I guess I find it frustrating when there are kids qualified to go to nationals who have only thrown over 18 meters once or twice this year.....so be it. I guess I'll try some spin out for the outdoor season.
#3-Comments about my eligibility
Almost every meet this year I have had someone comment at or talk to me about having served a mission and still having this year and next year left of eligibility. I know some guys are just joking with there comments but there have been some made that have down right offended me. After my freshmen year in 2005, I left for two years to served a church mission in the country of Taiwan. I want everyone to know a little bit about what my mission did for me physically. I did not do one rep of cleans, snatches, squats, bench press or any other lift like that for 2 years. I brought a discus with me while I was there but only got the chance to throw it twice in 2 years. I never threw the shot, weight, or hammer while I was there. I lost over 30 lbs. during those two years and dropped to as low as 215 at one point in my mission. My mission president was big into running and actually had us missionaries run long distance every other morning. I was able to get my mile time to 6 min. which was pretty good for me. During my mission I had lots of back problems and saw many doctors for it. I found out that I had the same genetic back disease as my older brother Nik called Sheurmans disease. My back caused me lots of problems while i was gone and I suffered from sleep deprivation for 2 years. I also caught a worm from eating the food there that is still causing havoc in my intestines. When I came back home after two years I was totally out of shape and looked more like a high jumper than a thrower. Since my mission I have suffered a lot of injuries that I believe stem from my efforts to get back into shape. I have had multiple sprain ankles, a stress fracture, chronic tendinitis in both knees that never go away, my usual back problems, and I have had a pulled groin and a sports hernia that required an operation. So if my two years serving a mission was so beneficial to my throwing, then why doesn't the rest of the NCAA throwers go on one? Yes, I would have graduated last year if I hadn't gone on a mission but I can tell you that I would have and would be throwing farther now if I would have stayed home. My mission did nothing to help my throwing but I can testify that it helped me as a person. All I am doing now is just trying to do my best. So if you guys still think I cheated in some way....that's your own darn fault.

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  1. Don't let it get you down. The only "unfair advantage" you have is having too many Vikings in your gene pool. There ought to be a rule against that. lol
    Continue to perservere.