Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Like Father, Like Son and Daughter

It’s amazing. Some things can only be explained by genetics I guess. It was about 1979 or 80 when I went into the BYU weightroom for a workout. I was no longer a varsity athlete, but was a member of the Powerlifting Club. Our faculty advisor, the legendary LJ Silvestor had told us that we had permission to lift in the athletic weight room in the afternoon. I was married, had a child, and was taking about 20 credit hours and working 3 different jobs to stay afloat. I only had an hour and really needed to work off some stress. As I entered the old BYU weight room I noticed that the only others there were the strength coach at the time(who will go unnamed, although his initials contained a C and an S) and an offensive lineman named Andy Reid (now coaches the Philadelphia Eagles). He was squatting and the unnamed “Strength Coach” was spotting him. I also intended to squat and chose one of the 8 or so racks across the room. As I began my warmup, the unnamed “coach” walked over and said, “This time is reserved for football, I am going to have to ask you to leave.” I said, “I’m only going to be here for a few sets, besides, LJ said we could workout during this time.” The coach replied sarcastically, “LJ isn’t here is he? I’m in charge here and if you don’t leave right now, I will call campus security and have you thrown out!” Not being in a mood to suffer fools, I said a few things about my opinion of him and his program then finished my squats and left. Over the years I have reminisced with quite a few others who were members of the “Thrown out of the BYU weight room by coach CS Club.”
Fast forward to 2010. The BYU track teams return from meets in Colorado Springs and Seattle. They get home Sunday, the next day is Presidents’ Day Holiday. The women’s team track coaches tell the team there is no practice Monday. They are appreciative as it has been a lot of traveling over the past several weeks. They’re tired and have school work to catch up on too. Maybe somehow this does not get communicated to the “strength and conditioning staff.” The team competes Thursday night in a twilight meet at nearby Weber State. The girls show up Friday to do their lifting workout. Their “S&C Coach” tells them since they missed Monday’s workout, they cannot workout on Friday. My daughter, Deezbaa, doesn’t workout because she has to..... She loves to workout. She is going to go to the student weight room and get something done, but there are no platforms or bumpers there. She runs into her big brother, Oliver, who invites her to follow him in to the men’s workout in the other athletes weight room. They go in and the weight room is almost empty. They begin their workout and the “S&C Coach” comes over and says, “Sorry Deez, you’ll have to leave. You can’t workout in here.” Big brother Oliver says, “Isn’t the weight room here for the athletes? Just finish your snatches Deez.” She finishes her snatches and leaves for the student weightroom. Oliver finishes his workout, gathers his stuff and as he is leaving, the “S&C Coach” says, “Oliver, you are no longer welcome here. You are banned from the weight room.” Luckily in the Athletic Directors office there are some people with common sense. He is permitted to workout during the final week before the conference meet. Amazing, two generations kicked out of the BYU weight room for trying to get in a workout. - Ollie Whaley, M.A., C.S.C.S.


  1. The University of New Hampshire's weight room staff has just about the same level of respect for their track athletes as BYU's. Good to know we're not alone in getting kicked out of weight rooms mid-season so that 1 football player can lift alone on one of the 10 racks during their off-season.

  2. Classic BYU. Oliver can just workout now by moving the SC's car to random places in the parking lot.


  3. The best thing about my college track team was we had our own weight room. It was all free weights but the only people that had access were the track team. We had no S & C coaches to deal with, no other teams to get in our way.

    I really miss that time in my life.

    Robert Willmott

  4. I wonder what the real story is?

  5. what do you mean..the real story?