Monday, March 29, 2010

You might be an Olympic weightlifter or a Thrower if..…

Something I found on another post and saved. Don't know who I got this from, but I'm guilty as charged.
•You only know how to squat deep and going to only parallel is actually harder.
•You find power cages ‘restrictive’.
•You get pissed off when people ask how much you can bench press.
•You get really picky about a bar that doesn’t spin enough or is too stiff.
•You jerk more than you bench press.
•Power lifters are jealous of your flexibility.
•You constantly get asked if those are hickies on your neck and collar bone.
•You can instantly divide or multiply any number by 2.2.
•You can’t feel your thumbs.
•Your idea of a perfect gym is a platform, bar, bumpers and a squat rack.
•When a person tells you what they can bench you think about if you can Snatch or Jerk the weight.
•Anything over 3 reps sounds exhausting to you.
•Shopping for jeans is hell.
•You hook grip your steering wheel while driving.
•Chalk dust is on EVERYTHING you own.
•Your response to the question “What muscles does that work?” is… ”all of them.”
•Everyday is a ‘Leg’ day.
•You have jumping contests with friends.
•The answer is always more Front Squats.
•You don’t understand why people use gloves.
•Ironmind catalogs to you are Tiffany catalogs to women.
•You have a broomstick or pvc pipe that sits in your room.
•You rest in the squat position.
•You wish you could wear your weightlifting shoes everywhere because they are more comfortable then any other shoe you own.
Photos are Bob Bednarski (top), Joe Dube (bottom) World Champions in 1969.

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