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Below is another great post from Jim Wendler last week. This falls under the category of "I wish I had said that!" I've got to second the motion that doing what you love and truly believing in it trumps trying to morph yourself and your beliefs to fit in with whatever is the popular trend. While it may seem more porfitable at times to jump onto the latest and greatest band wagon, in the end you can only be or sell what you really are. In my opinion this is true in all aspects of life as well as business. 

How to Make Money in the Fitness Industry

by Jim Wendler - 07/21/2011

One tip for those trying to break into the field.

I was asked this for the first time when I was in Philadelphia and was very surprised. I never really thought about it much – I don’t know if there are any real secrets to putting out a good product, service or idea other than having a good product, service or idea. I know there are marketing classes and groups you can join to help your ideas reach the masses

I know there is sales copy that can convince people to buy your product, keywords, Google search functions, YouTube, Facebook, etc. I’m not sure what all these things really are or really how to use many of them. I’m not a business person and never claimed to be.

I do know that if you want to be part of this industry you will struggle for a long time. Success does not come over night nor should it. Your primary goal when you started training was to make yourself better; to achieve a higher level than your gym-going buddies. To be stronger, faster, look better, be better at a sport. You wanted to throw farther, hear the plates rattle and do something extraordinary. To quote the band White Zombie, “More human than human.”

Your primary focus should never have been to make money when you started training. Or even when you began sharing your thoughts and ideas with others, it should not be about making money. It should be about sharing your passion with others.

Find what you love and are passionate about – don’t worry what is in vogue or what you think people really want. When you cater to what people want and NOT what you love, it will show. You may love powerlifting, strength sports, Highland games, mobility/corrective exercises, diet, crazy conditioning or sports training.

Whatever it is, DO IT. Train it diligently, work on it, form it, restructure it and make it your own. Read about it, dissect it, listen to it and take notes. Trade ideas with others and learn from those that you may not agree with.

So while you can have the perfect marketing page and all “correct” ad copy, in the end you had better love and believe in what you are selling to the public. People can spot a salesman a mile away. It’s best that your smile and handshake are real in the fitness industry even if it’s not dressed in the most fashionable attire. – Jim Wendler

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