Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heavy Lifting-Tim Tebow's VIce?

Tebow certainly looks like he trains hard and heavy.

I can't remember anyone who has taken more heat than Tim Tebow for being a great example and staying out of trouble. He is a great role model and conducts himself like you would hope a great athlete would, but seldom does. I think I've heard it all when this morning I read this segment in USAToday. Brian Billick, former coach of the Baltimore Ravens and currently a TV "analyst" said this....

As to what he'd do to improve Tebow's game, Billick offered something different than focusing on footwork, accuracy and reading defenses.

"I'm excited to see what happens with Tim Tebow in an entire offseason. He's gonna get a coach whisperer," said Billick, "to work on those mechanics.
"I think the No. 1 thing Tim Tebow has to do, I don't think he can lift the way he's lifted before. There's three people that can't lift the way Tim Tebow does: pro quarterbacks, pro tennis players and golfers."
Tebow packs 236 chiseled pounds onto his 6-3 frame.
"He has got to cut back on that rigid, thick (frame)," said Billick. "I know it keeps him alive as a running quarterback, but it does not bode well for his passing, the fluidity that he has to have. So that's, to me, job one in the offseason, he's got to change his (conditioning) mindset."

It's ironic to hear an athlete being called out for being to strong. The headline on the front of the web page said.....Analyst Billick: Tim Tebow must lay off weights  Actually, I don't interpret what Brian Billick is really saying as "don't lift", he is saying that maybe he needs to adjust his training to be able to focus more on the specific requirements of playing quarterback in the NFL. Whether his current physique and training is a liability or not, is open to debate and the future will answer that question soon enough. Personally, I like to see a QB who looks like he can mix it up with the other players and Tebow has proven that he can. Is there any truth to the "musclebound" myth? I thought  we laid that to rest decades ago. Whether Tebow needs more work on his throwing mechanics or flexibility is a question that I'll leave to his football coaches, but I don't think he is too big or too strong to be an NFL QB and I am looking forward to what he will do in the future as he gains experience in the NFL.

It's rare (like one of a kind rare) to see a QB with this kind of muscularity.
Personally I am not a big fan of these hip thrust exercises that seem to be the current rage among trendy trainers. I think you can get the job done much more comfortably and conveniently with RDL's and Pulls...etc. but if they float your boat, then go for it.

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