Monday, February 27, 2012

Chinese Weightlifters

Below is a video clip that is reported to be an 8 year old boy jerking 75kg. His bodyweight is reported to be about 40 kg. It is really tough to verify those numbers (except the weight on the bar) as there has been a history of confusion with age reports out of China in the past. Nevertheless, whatever the age, this young man is very impressive and representative of the amazing lifting that goes on in China. Of course natural lifting talent is identified very early and those with potential to excell are removed from the rigors of "normal" life and provided with the support and tools needed to win medals so long as they can withstand the training grind and make progress. Failure to progress means back to the regular life, without the benefit of education or training for a career. No wonder these athletes fight like tigers to train, progress, and win. Everything is at stake for them.

Another amazing clip of teenagers around 16 years of age or so.....

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