Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Penn State Way- Update

A few weeks ago we posted about the Penn State way with a video clip about their conditioning program. We wondered if the training would change, and it appears that it has, and in a hurry! It has long been my opinion that the for years Penn State was winning more in spite of their program than because of it. For years they espoused the so called H.I.T. philosophy of  slow, controlled, movements done to failure. As these players explain, it was mainly machine oriented. The idea was to strengthen players without injuring them. I fully agree with that goal, but I don't think that the olympic type lifts are inherently dangerous. Any lift can be dangerous if they are not taught correctly. It is true that it takes a proficient coach to teach the more complex lifts. I know for a fact, that a significant number of former Penn State athletes used to "go underground" and lift on their own with full body, multi-joint movements such as cleans, squats,...etc. It sounds like now they are being coached and progressing in this "new" style of training. It is ironic that several of the players related that they are now returning to the training they were doing in high school. Many scholastic programs here in the United States are as sophisticated and up to date as collegiate programs although there are still many that are not. It will be interesting to see the future of the Penn State program.

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