Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rotation vs. Twisting

Hip drive, shoulder separation, not twisting!
Quite a while back we posted on the idea that rotational force is not the same thing as twisting. Rotation is movement around a circular axis, with the hips and shoulders turning in the same direction, although separation may be involved. Twisting is moving the hips and shoulders in the oposite directions, such as in seated bar twists, and creates much stress on the spinal discs. We proposed that twisting of the spine causes wear and tear and eventually leads to injury. in an earlier post......

Extreme range twisting is not what happens in throwing or most athletic events. Rotation is what happens as opposed to twisting. It is malpractice in my opinion that many coaches use twisting types of exercises in an effort to improve rotational force. Below is a recent post (on Testosterone.com)of an interview with Dr. Stuart McGill, a widely recognized expert on low back disorders and how to prevent and correct them........

Excellent, Stu. That's essential information for any physical therapist or corrective exercise trainer. Speaking of twisting injuries, there seems to be some debate on your position regarding dynamic rotational core training. Care to elaborate?
CW: So how do you recommend that T Nation readers train core rotation?
CW: Yes, that's the risk we take whenever we recommend an exercise. What might be ideal for one guy could be problematic for another. But throw us a bone and give us some recommendations.

This is labeled as "twisting", but is actually rotation and not harmful..

This is a recipe for disc degeneration, especially if done with weights...

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