Friday, April 20, 2012

Never Too Old

A fun video of Bulgarian national coach Ivan Abadjiev (if you don't who this is, then it probably won't do any good to explain) snatching about 30 kg. Given that he is reported to be over 80 years old, this is very impressive. Just to get set up at the bar properly at that age and to execute the movement regardless of weight is amazing. I wonder if this was a "to the maximum" effort? lol If he is true to his training methods it will be followed up with a "to the Maximum" Clean and Jerk in about 30 minutes. Then after that a max back squat. lol I wonder if he actually does train regularly or if this is just horsing around. I also wonder if he avails himself of the famous Bulgarian "medicinal support"? Maybe just testosterone replacement therapy, right? Whatever the case it is very impressive from an octogenarian. More power to him.

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