Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lifting in a Free Market Economy

Dr. Koji Murofushi is no one-dimensional athlete.

Below is a nice interview with one of our top American lifters, Danica Rue. She gives some insight into setting priorties and keeping balance in life. She recently finished law school and still manages to compete at a high level in a demanding sport. While I love the Olympics and am looking forward to the amazing performances of the world's best athletes, I have come to realize that many, indeed most, of the medal winners have achieved their success at great sacrifice. Sacrifice that goes beyond just spending hours of physical exertion and effort to master their sport. Many have also sacrificed education,career advancement, marriage and family relationships....etc. Of course there are some great exceptions who have maintained a balance and their accomplishments are all the more amazing.
Recently I had the privilege of accompaning my youngest son, Orrin, as he competed in the Utah Summer Games. In spite of classes, working two jobs, and training sporadically, he managed to PR and break the state records in snatch, clean and jerk, and total. He worked out in the student weight room for less than an hour a few days a week doing squats, presses, and other basic stuff like rows, pullups, ..etc. There were no platforms or bumper plates and real weightlifting was not allowed. Once or twice a week he got to do the lifts in his brother Oliver's driveway. In spite of the limitations in training and sleep, he still managed a great performance snatching 101 kg. and jerking 121 kg. at 77 kg. bodyweight and 18 years old. Not world class, but pretty darn good, especially under the conditions. Unfortunately I don't have any footage to post. The footage we posted last week of Oliver's strongman competition was accomplished holding down a fulltime job while taking 9 credit hours of graduate school and being a husband and a father to two boys. I guess my point of all this is you don't have to be an olympian to do great things and you can live a balanced life and still compete well. Best wishes to our olympians and also to the rest of us who still train to be the best we can.
Here is a quick clip of Danica in action. She was red lighted for this lift which would have given her the National championship in 2011. It was a controversial call.

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