Saturday, July 14, 2012

Still Pumping

While I had never considered competitive bodybuilding to be a real sport, I always thought Arnold was an inspirational character and his physique certainly inspired me as well as most teenagers of my generation. I always appreciated his attitude towards achieving success. His comments on this video clip ring true so far as training goes. Best results come when one knows what they want and are committed to doing whatever it takes. As expressed in an earlier post, I was very disappointed to hear about Arnold's failure as a husband. It is no mystery that success in one area does not ensure success in all areas. Priorities are an individual thing. Mine would be different in that I rank success as a father and husband to be the highest priority, certainly above vocation and athletics. Arnold can certainly give us some insight into what it takes to "win" in some areas, but be careful. Some "success" is not worth the loss of the things that are of most important. In the end lasting happiness comes from relationships with those whom we love. Medals, trophies, or even money cannot buy this happiness. It doesn't have to be an either... or...proposition. You can have it all if you are willing to to do whatever it takes while keeping your priorities in order.

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