Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Great Facility to Last a Lifetime

The Bishop Gorman High School Weightroom
Below is an article about the design of the Bishop Gorman high weightroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the article states, they have had a top athletic program and wanted a weight room that would fit their own philosophy. It certainly reflects a lot of thought and planning and will serve them well. As I have stated in earlier posts, personally I don't really like having  the platforms encumbered with racks and benches. Of course I want racks and a benches, just not cluttering up my platforms. Of course these self-contained units are all the rage these days and if your program views squats and benches as core lifts, and limits quick lifts to power and/or hang versions of cleans or snatches, then these work well enough. However I teach full snatches and cleans and overhead work and view those as the core of our program. We believe that these lifts need space unencumbered with benches and racks. Squats and various bench presses are also important, for sure, so heavy duty stations are provided for those as well. Below is a short video clip of our facility which I was fortunate enough to design to meet our philosophy. I imagine most coaches would be happy to be able to train their teams in either one, but the designs reflect differences in philosophy and needs. Our current facility does not have Samson equipment, but my impressions of their products is that they do a great job. The heavy duty LifeFitness/Hammer Strength stuff we have meets our needs along with the Eleiko sets. That was our highest priority, to get the best bars and bumper plates possible. Once we got those, we built the room around the barbells. We have York barbells in the power racks. Eleiko bars so not belong in racks. We chose Hammer strengths for our machine units as there are no cables or weight stacks to maintain. We have chosen machine units that allow us to supplement the work on the platforms such as a pullover unit, ground based rotation unit, lat machine, ...etc. My best advice to anyone designing a weight room is design your facility around your program. Don't let the facility dictate your program.

Bishop Gorman High School, located in Las Vegas, Nev., is home to one of the top high school football programs in the country. In fact, BGHS sets the bar nationally in every athletic sport. So when the time came to build a new weightroom and athletic complex, no detail could be left out and every square inch of the massive new facility had to be customized to the coaching staff’s extremely detailed preferences.

Having dealt with Samson Equipment in the past, Sean Manuel, BGHS’s Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, knew he only had one call to make. Coach Manuel traveled to Samson Equipment’s headquarters in Las Cruces, N.M., to personally go over his very specific designs for the new equipment, as well as provide input on how to modify existing equipment to flawlessly marry his older racks with his new equipment. All of the new equipment was to be placed onto a brand new, custom Mondo Floor that included a large school logo as well as inlaid platforms for his “power stations.”

It was vital for Coach Manuel to seamlessly marry his older equipment with his new equipment, as well as have each customization look exactly as he envisioned. This was no problem for Samson Equipment, since brand new design software enabled Coach Manuel to see the projected designs three dimensionally, as well as extremely detailed and close up.

Going the extra mile on custom designs is one of the ways Samson Equipment sets itself apart from other equipment companies. The other way is the extreme durability of its equipment. The durability allowed Samson Equipment to use older racks in conjunction with new equipment. While inferior equipment would have stuck out like a sore thumb, the flawless marriage proved that Samson Equipment is built to last.

For BGHS, the end result speaks for itself. The school now has 18 complete power stations, with each containing built-in band pegs, custom chin up bars and rotating chin up handles, rotational bar sleeves or “malaks” firmly secured on the front of each rack, custom band and chain storage within the racks themselves, two single leg squat pads with storage, and built-in bumper plate and Olympic plate storage. Add custom paint, upholstery colors, and custom embroidery to each station, and you not only have a great looking facility, but one that will last a lifetime and look unlike any in the country.

Since 1976, jobs such as the one at BGHS have been commonplace for Samson Equipment. But now more than ever, Samson’s unique design capabilities, new products, and new philosophy combined with the same famous durability of equipment and great customer service proves the company is a force to be reckoned with for decades to come.

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