Monday, August 6, 2012

Testing Football Strength Lying Supine on a Bench

I am always amazed at how so many misguided sports writers equate bench press with strength. Yeah, I'll concede that a 600 lb. bench isn't chicken feed, but strongest man competition? Give us a break! When have you ever seen a strong man event that starts out in the supine position?
It's also obvious that in this picture he has a pad under his shirt which casts some doubt on the validity of the 600 lb. bench claim anyway. I agree with Al Feurbach, let all of my opponents think that benching is the secret. Meanwhile I'll work on cleaning, snatching, squatting, and putting the bar overhead.
Maybe that is how Jesse  trains as well, but the writers only get excited about his bench and give it all the publicity. Crazy world out there when it comes to reporting the strength levels of American Footbal players.

Jesse Williams might be in the wrong sport.
Williams, an Australia native, is a defensive lineman for Alabama, but earlier this week he proved he could easily participate in the Strongest Man competition.
(AP)According to tweets from himself and teammates, Williams benched 600 pounds Thursday. Yes, that's six plates — on either side of the bar. Check out the photo, the bar is bending like a cartoon.
Just call him Jesse ver Jesseson.
"I saw @ThaMonstar (Jesse Williams) dominate 600 lbs on the bench this morning... Incredible" tweeted Alabama long snapper Cade Foster, who benched a stunning 455 pounds.
To put Williams feat in perspective, former Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe maxed out at 500 pounds during this year's NFL Scouting Combine.
Williams started every game for the Crimson Tide last season. He had 24 tackles, four tackles for loss, three quarterback hurries and a pass breakup.
I'm sure the opposing offensive linemen who have seen this picture just can't wait to face Williams this fall.
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  1. I think people get too carried away in the bench. If you do lots of full body lifting and conditioning squats and and do some bench, and happen to do 30 reps of 225, you are stronger than someone who trains the same way but can only do 15 reps. But if you focus on bench x225 just to do 30 reps then you are abusing the system and are weaker than it says.

    People shouldn't get too hung up on the number, should use it to confirm their level of conditioning which of course includes full body work and overhead work not to measure level of conditioning

    Supine position- I disagree, bench is good for pushing someone over but it is too hard to measure how hard you can push against a wall relative to your body. Bench is not the best but is not without its uses. And Magnus Samuelsson benched a motorcycle 480 lbs x 12 reps

  2. I'm not sure that bench pressing improves that ability to "push someone over". I think pushing a sled with arms extended or pushing a vehicle like a truck would be more effective as the power is generated form the feet through the legs, torso,shoulders and arms in a coordidated manner. Benching while lying on one's back doesn't develop the entire kinetic chain. Like the cliche goes.... you can't shoot a cannon out of a canoe.