Friday, August 31, 2012

Images are Imaginary

Here in the United States we are in an election year. For various reasons this election seems to be one of the most divisive that I can remember. I have never been rich enough to be a republican and I am not liberal enough to be a real democrat, so I have voted for candidates from both parties over the years as well as even a few from outside of the major parties. I have been following all of the candidates this time and am still forming opinions. Now that we are down to the final two candidates, there are things I like about both platforms and things that I don't agree with as well. I have been inspired by the Republican convention and am looking forward to the Democratic convention next week. I have to admit that this episode below was a little frustrating.
Why do we give so much credibility to actors and performers?
They are obviously skilled at projecting an image, but why do we trust them to sell us weight loss products, exercise equipment, or insurance, let alone politicians?
I have always enjoyed Clint Eastwood's films over the years from the "spaghetti westerns" to dirty Harry, but he seemed out of place in this venue. I wonder which celebrities the democrats will trot out now?
Anyway, what does this have to do with training? Don't waste your time with anything that needs to solicit or pay for a celebrity endorsement. Study, talk to real people, and trust your own experiences.
Take advice from people who deal with experiences and problems like yours. Most of all, remember that images are imaginary, life is real.
 Trust real people.

This is the Clint Eastwood we know and love doing what he does best.........

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