Monday, September 10, 2012

A Real Kettlebell Competition

This is fascinating to me. I have heard about kettlebell competitions before, but never had seen an actual competition other than seeing them used in American cross-fit type meets. That is a far cry from this. Of course you probably don't want to invest the hour and 46 minutes or more that it takes to watch the whole thing, but let it run for awhile and check back on it now and then. Some really interesting and amazing performances. While I am not going to suggest that kettlebells replace your barbells and dumbells if you are a serious strength-power athlete,they are versatile and can be a fun and productive addition to your programs. If you are training for overall fitness kettlebells can be a fun and convenient way to add variation. Personally, I don't think you really need to attend any special kettlebell training workshops or get "certified". If you have a little kinesthetic sense and a basic understanding of exercise physiology you should do fine in finding ways to incorporate some of these moves into your training.

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