Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cross-fit Certified?

This has got to be one of the worst videos I've seen.
I know the difference between a barbell clean and a thick bar continental clean, strongman style, but this isn't that.
Now, let’s see here:
Dropping barbell on head – check
Filing down teeth from excessive gritting – check
Knees bowing inward/outward during jerk catch phase of the lift – check
Breaking spinal alignment – really check!
Hyper-extending neck – check Nearly being crushed by barbell – check
Trying to do something again that you clearly couldn’t do the first time – check
Not paying attention while barbell falls to the floor – check
Bent elbows during the clean portion of the lift – check
Lifting weights that are clearly too heavy for you – double-check
Nearly injuring oneself in the pursuit of better health? – check

What ever happened to teaching and coaching sound lifting technique? It has always been my conception of coaching that you teach the lift first, then drill it, then add weight when the student is ready. Unfortunately the coaching malpractice that is exhibited here is all too common across the collegiate and scholastic as well as the commercial scene.

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