Friday, November 2, 2012

Jim Schmitz on LIfting

Jim Schmitz is one of the treasures of American weightlifting. He has been coaching lifters as well as making a living in the fitness business for over 40 years now. While his notoriety and claim to fame is as a coach, he is also an international official and a competitive lifter himself. He served a term as president of the USA Weightlifting a decade or so ago. His gym is based in San Francisco, but he has traveled the world coaching and observing lifters. In my opinion, he is a voice of sanity when it comes to training. He has published several lifting manuals as well as several DVDs on training and technique. He still advocates 3 day a week programs for most lifters with reasonable training loads. He has probably coached more international level lifters and medalists than any other American coach and he developed most of them from beginning level up, although a few advanced lifters moved to the area to train with his team. Below is a great little video clip on lifting basics and also a link to a series of articles he has written on the IronMind website. It's all really good stuff on the basics of training.

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