Sunday, December 2, 2012

Asking For Your Vote

Dear Friends, my wife has always had a competitive side, but only on rare occasions does it ever become very evident. This is one such occasion. Recently she entered our family in a Facebook Contest called: The Hotel Park City Photo Contest. She is so set on winning this thing that she has enlisted my help. I have long since learned that life is always easier when I make the necessary accommodations for her, so on her insistence, I am writing this post. 

It is a simple voting process and your vote would be very appreciated! 

1. Log onto your Facebook account.
2. Click on the following link: https://soappbox.com/HotelPCphotocontest?i=4264
3. It will open a new window. Click the "Connect with Facebook" button.
4. This will open another window. Click the "Login with Soappbox" button.
5. This will reload the previous page. Click the "Like" button.
6. This will load the contest page. Find the above picture and vote for "Katie Durrant Whaley."

The process actually doesn't take that long. And on behalf of my wife and our family, we appreciate your vote for us.

Thank you Friends,

The Whaley's

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