Thursday, January 24, 2013

Amazing (and maybe purposeless ) Skill

This an amazing video. It certainly reflects a lot of practice and physical prowess. But what's the point? It falls under the category of  "whatever turns you on". He's a lot of fun to watch and is entertaining. I just wonder what the purpose is? I mean you can't drag a trampoline around town with you. The Parkour or Free Running skills are much more impressive and actually have some function. (Like running from the law)lol  I like to think that the physical skills we develop have some value in everyday life, or at least could. For example, we know that the Athletic events or Track and Field and we call it here in the United States, evolved from training citizens for war. All of the events can be related to skills needed on the ancient (and even modern) battlefields. It is easy for me to see the utilitarian contributions of lifting or strongman to everyday life as well. Team sports, of course,  teach team work. I like to have a purpose for training and practice. To me this is an amazing parlor trick, but basically a waste of time in my humble opinion. However,I guess if he's having fun, it's none of my business.
Go for it.

Check this out and see what I mean. The art of displacement. Pretty impressive....

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