Thursday, January 10, 2013


We have posted some stuff on complexes before. I love these for conditioning, variety, technical work, and mental toughness. Completing a strong jerk after a clean and 2 front squats is tough physical and mental work. It can be made tougher by increasing the number of cleans and/or jerks for example. Just don't get carried away on the reps ala crossfit style or it becomes counterproductive. The variety of movement combinations are up to your creativity and needs. To increase pulling power and explosive extension strength I like things like a pull, a power clean, and a hang squat clean for example. Again you can up the reps up to 3 or so each if conditioning is a need. Pull, power snatch, overhead squats are another great combination. We published one of the first articles about these lifts in the NSCA Journal back in 1990 vol.12, no. 1. These are not more widely used because they require a sound knowlege of technique and are just plain hard. They are best done during noncompetitive phases of training. Try some complexes in your training.

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