Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who Me? Never!

Wow. What a time in the sports world here in the U.S. of A.  When has there ever been such a perfect storm of deceit colliding with truth? Here are multiple reminders that telling the truth works best in the long run. The truth always comes out, even though it may take some time. Adam Nelson is a testament to the positive side of that principal as 8 years after the fact, he is awarded his gold medal.  Unfortunately, the moment of victory and the benefits it could have awarded him will never be realized. Cheaters can come clean, but they can't restore the purity of the competition or their image. What was Manti Teo thinking? An imaginary girlfriend? One who dies no less? There is no upside to this story. In time the full truth will come out. Meanwhile has there ever been more food for cynics?
What do we have left to look up to in the world of sports? Even the honest and clean athletes are viewed with skepticism, and rightly so, as the public trust has been betrayed so many times.

Marion Jones has yet to recover from her fall from grace.

Adam wins, but many opportunities have been stolen from him and cannot be restored.

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