Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yaanibaa Collins, Lifting for Life

Last weekend Yaanibaa Collins, My older (by two years) sister won the Utah State Open Weightlifting meet in the 75 kg. class. Yaani held state weightlifting records in both Arizona and Utah during her younger days. In high school she was an All-Arizona volleyball player as well as state runner-up in the discus. She graduated from BYU as an ATC (certified athletic trainer) and worked with BYU football and rugby teams. After marrying and having 3 children, she decided to compete again. We are proud of her and her commitment to a balanced life. She trains mainly in her basement when the kids are napping and her husband babysits now and then so she can visit and train with some other local lifters a few times a week. She is doing some of her best lifting ever right now. One of the neat things is that her children love to mimic her lifting with sticks. They are most likely to grow up enjoying exercise as well. Yaanibaa is a Navajo female war name the means "went to battle and returned".
Yaani starts her kids young!

Yaani and her 3 children after she pushed them up Y mountain in a stroller!

Yaanibaa Jacob Collins
Husband Jake is a physical educator, mountain biker, and wrestling coach.

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