Tuesday, April 2, 2013

700 Bench Press by High Schooler

I have had several co-workers e-mail this video clip to me with comments about how awesome it is. This has appeared on several national news sites here in the U.S. This kid is still in high school. When I was his age Pat Casey had only recently broke the 600 lb. barrier wearing a wrestling singlet. A handful of men followed such as Jim Williams and Don Reinhoudt, wearing t-shirts. At that time we never dreamed that a kid our age would someday do 700 lb. while in high school. Of course we never dreamed of contraptions like bench shirts and never thought about contorting our position on the bench to be able to elevate more.
While this is certainly an unusually strong young man, how do you explain things like bench shirts, wraps, and mechanically shortened range of motion to outsiders? Let alone get into an intelligent discussion on the relevancy of the bench press to football in the first place.  In my experience it is about impossible to put a lift like this into perspective for a non-lifter. This young man is certainly a prodigious bencher within the rules of the organization he is competing in. Is it making him a better football player or athlete? That is another question......

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