Monday, April 8, 2013

Anatomy of a Myth

While this is a lengthy video, it is a good discussion of the premises of the so called "Paleo Diet". My point is not so much to discredit any particular diet, but to call attention to the tendency to make (and accept) many false claims as fact if they are presented often enough and with some semblance of authority or even  nice graphics. While there is no doubt that minimizing processed foods is a great idea, trying to copy the eating habits of ancient populations can be misguided for many reasons as outlined here. Hey, I'm not even sure there was such thing as Neanderthal or Paleo men. "Scientists" find a bone or skull here and there and then try to build an entire civilization. Heck, my uncle Leroy looks exactly like a Neanderthal. If someone digs him up a few thousand years from now they'll probably think he was the norm. lol
For a common sense approach to nutrition and eating, check out Clarence Bass's website cbass.com  He presents a smart and sustainable way to be healthy and strong for the entire lifespan.

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