Friday, May 31, 2013

Finding a Way

Orrin Whaley doing a human flag on a Navajo Trail sign in Florida. He stays in shape while serving as a missionary fulltime.
A rustic outdoor gym in the Ukraine.

I love training under adverse circumstances. As I write this I am going on day 11 of sleeping on the floor of a hospital room while my wife suffers through a recovery from an emergency surgery that was done done to clean up the mess of an earlier failed surgery. My daughter and I are trading off so that she has someone here 24/7. Since the hospital is nearly 3 hours from our home, we have to adapt and improvise in all aspects of our lives, training included. Exercise is a privilege that we are grateful for and brings some order to our lives as well as relieving stress. You can accomplish a lot in a short time and with creativity much can be done with  little or no equipment. We have some bands, a small kettle bell, and a lot of rocks in the surrounding environment.
In my opinion a workout should be composed of some sort of leg bending, which could be squats with one or two legs, high reps and or jumping included, lunges in various forms, and stair work. Another staple is overhead pressing with bands or bodyweight (handstand pressing), pullups, horizontal pushing (pushups),  and some sort of rowing. Explosiveness or pulling power can be exercised with overhead rock or log  throws, band pulls or pull throughs. Of course ab work of various forms is easy to do almost anywhere.
This is not new. We know the story of Milo and the calf. We know that our modern day Strongman events are patterned after tasks that laborers used to perform and challenge each other with. Stone lifting has been a means of building strength and testing manhood for centuries around the world from Europe to the Orient and even the Pacific Islands. Paul Anderson, Bob Peoples, and Joe Dube, and other great lifters of the past loved to train outside with homemade and creative equipement and methods. It's great to have nice gym with good equipment. It's great to have a consistent schedule. But training is still possible, beneficial, and enjoyable even (and especially) under adverse conditions.

There is always a way if it is important enough.

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