Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mike's Gym

I have known Mike Burgener for many years. I believe we first met in the early 80's. We have kids around the same ages and both worked in high school settings. We never kept in close touch, but would see each other at weight lifting meets and talk about training, family, and work. He was a great athlete and lifter himself and has really distinguished himself as a coach. He founded and coached a very successful lifting team, Team Southern California, and know is sought after by CrossFitters for instruction on the lifts. Below is a segment of an upcoming documentary film that Greg Everett of CatalystAthletics is producing. It shows Mike's gym, a great facility he put togather in his garage. It is a great example of what kind of stuff is most important when you have limited space and also shows what can be accomplished with a long term commitment. I am looking forward to seeing the entire production when it is finished. Meanwhile, best wishes to Mike and his gym.

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