Tuesday, September 3, 2013

80-year-old weightlifter busted

Soldier recieving weightlifting instructions.
Don Ramos teaching the Clean at Ft. Carson, CO.

Over the weekend, the news came out on pretty much all of the networks of an 80 yr. old lifter being "busted" for steroids. I met Don Ramos years ago at the USOTC in Colorado Springs when we were part of the same group who was completing the USA Weightlifting certification course. He got a late start in lifting and never competed until he was in his 60's. He was already pretty well off financially and owned a health club. He was in great shape for his age and so did well in the masters competitions as he was relatively "fresh" with no prior wear and tear or injuries. The whole idea of testing masters is really ludicrous in my opinion. What is the point of testing over-the-hill athletes who are just having fun? It would seem that the USADA has it's hands full keeping up with current crop of elite athletes. Why waste the time, energy, and money required to police elderly "athletes"? There is really nothing at stake so far as international prestige goes. So far as health goes, one would suppose that 50, 60, and 70+yr. olds would be entitled to make their own choices. The news services never specify what substance is actually being abused or in what amounts. My guess is that he was using some thing billed as a life extension hormone or something similar. Whatever.  If you stop and think about it, the whole idea that whatever Don was using is "bad" is kind of incongruous and oxy-moronic. I mean if the guy can still lift weights at 80 years of age, how can it be "bad"?
The whole premise is absurd when one thinks about it. If it can keep someone lifting heavy weights at 80 years of age, then maybe we should all be taking it.

Can you blame these people for trying? Find out who earned a spot in this hall of shame.
The agency that brought down Lance Armstrong announced a two-year suspension for Don Ramos of Colorado Springs, Colo., who tested positive for steroids while attempting to set a world record in his age group at the Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships in June.
USADA was contracted to test at the event for athletes 35 and older. The suspension means Ramos can't compete again until July 2015.

Organizers of masters events have been cracking down on doping. Two years ago, USADA suspended nine masters athletes for positive tests, including one in his 50s and three in their 60s.

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