Friday, September 6, 2013

How Olympic Weightlifter Should Look Like

What should a lifter look like? Well, we know that lifting and looks do not always go together. I guess the best answer is a lifter should be tall enough to reach the ground and short enough to get under the bar. But I think anyone would have to admit that Dimtry Klokov is quite a specimen and he certainly can lift. He seems to be having fun at whatever he does as well.


  1. Klokov recently started in an interview he conducted with Dmitry llapikov that his appearance was a direct attempt at pleasing the media rather than anything that would benefit his lifting.

  2. I can believe that. I guess maybe it goes to show that while a great physique is not essential to great lifting, they are not mutually exclusive either. Klokov seems to show that with proper training you can have both if that is what you want.

  3. Agreed. In my opinion, 90 percent of the guys in the weight classes other than 105+ have great physiques (and even some of the super heavies). It's easier to gain and maintain lean muscle mass with a higher body fat percentage, but in the end you have to make weight. Most of them are ripped to shreds.

    Here's the interview I was referencing