Saturday, October 19, 2013

Discover How Good Your Body is Designed to Feel!

Today, I am giving a shout out to a friend, Wendy Hendry. Wendy is a Health/Nutrition coach and owner of Sweaty Chix’s Fitness (Utah). After battling a lifetime of emotional eating and then giving birth to 8 kids, Wendy saw her weight soar to 185lbs. Now, at 46 years old and a bodyweight of 125lbs, Wendy lives a very active and healthy lifestyle.

Having finally achieved her health and fitness goals, Wendy has made it a personal ambition to help others who are also battling bad health and being overweight. Obesity in America has become a modern day epidemic, affecting over 30% of the US population.

This rising trend has given birth to huge markets promoting the latest diet fads and the newest weight loss pills. But unfortunately, the billions of dollars being pumped into both these industries have resulted in very little change.

Through small lifestyle changes and a balanced approached in both nutrition and exercise, Wendy believes that any individual can achieve their health and fitness goals. Now as a Health/Nutrition coach, Wendy shares her knowledge with clients and those interested in learning more. 

This Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 12:00 p.m. MDT, Wendy is conducting an online webinar for those interested in learning more about how they can take control of their health and weight.

You can register now for Discover How Good Your Body is Designed to Feel! by following the link below:

There is no charge for the webinar, so feel free to sign up if you have even the slightest interest in losing weight and getting healthy!

Machelle Chaffin and Mary Oliveira, both former clients of Wendy and now Health/Nutrition coaches themselves, will also be appearing as guest speakers.

If you do sign up, please be sure to give a shout out to us here at HaskeStrength as your referral.

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