Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Perfect Program

No, we don't really have a Limo service on the Rez.  But if we did, it would look like this. Not so humorous to us Rez dwellers who see all kinds of creative things rolling across the desert.

Effective training is always a matter of piecing together something as close as possible to the ideal within the parameters of reality. I mean who ever really has enough time, money, and energy to do everything we would like? In spite of the best of intentions or preparations, we always have to have a plan B, and C and.....It never happens exactly like we want it to. If we wait for a perfect situation, we'll never get any where. Here on the Rez (reservation for all you non-rezzites) we have people who are among the most resourceful in the world. Our people are masters of making the best of any situation. They have to be because life here is full of challenges. How many of the rest of you in the United States of America still live without running water or electricity at the end of a 20 mile dirt road? Tough conditions make for tough and creative people. Those same qualities will serve anyone well who wants to make progress over the long haul. Lacking the equipment you "need" to accomplish your goals? Tommy Kono tells us about the time he trained for his the national championships while serving in the Army. He wasn't able to train with any weights for 2 months prior to competition but stayed in great shape with the regular Army calisthenics and body weight resistance exercises. He managed to match his best ever total after getting a 3 day pass to travel to the meet. He did a couple workouts before the meet and wasn't able to eat or drink until after the weigh-in so he could make weight. Your muscles don't have eyes. They don't know what is supplying the resistance, they only know if they are being stressed or not. The stress can be rocks, body weight made harder with gravity enhancing angles or moving someone else's body weight, or pushing or pulling heavy objects or bands. Can't afford the latest and greatest supplements? You will find that hard work covereth a multitude of nutritional shortcomings. There are many from other countries who are beating our athletes for whom a McDonald's meal would be a great improvement over their daily sustenance. So, life isn't perfect? Join the club. Decide what you want to accomplish and find a way to get it done.
I've always loved the Rocky IV training sequence. Of course it's backwards. We know that it would have been Drago training old school and only the U.S. had such technology widely available in it's "health" clubs, worthless as it is. Still it's fun. It's fun to watch and even more fun to actually train "Rocky style" now and then.

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