Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Finding a Way

These guys found a way!

You've got to love this. I love improvisation. I love overcoming obstacles. I love thinking outside the box. In this case this is not an abstract  mental exercise or game, but a struggle for sheer survival. These strong people have my deepest respect. They are showing us how to not only solve serious problems, but to do it with a positive attitude and good humor as well. They are in my prayers and we can certainly remember that we can always find a way to train and get better, no matter what our circumstances are.

Usually a fisherman catches a fish and puts it in the fridge. In one typhoon-wrecked Filipino village, fishermen are putting themselves in the fridge and then going fishing.
Typhoon Haiyan crashed into the central Philippines on Nov. 8, laying waste to just about everything in its path, including the long, stylish fishing boats moored along beaches.

Making something out of nothing.
Jimmy Obaldo, 52, was the first of Tanauan's fishermen to try it out. "We got the idea from my children - they just asked me if we could use it as a boat," he said.
Enjoying the journey.

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  1. looking at filipinos you would hate how american bitches complian
    how hard their lives are
    look at how happy those kids are above