Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bruce Lee: Martial Arts Pioneer And Innovator

We have had a few posts on Bruce Lee on our site before. I remember being amazed by his speed, agility, and explosiveness as I watched his movies as a teenager. I often wondered if it was really possible to do some of things he did or if it was a filming "trick". He was amazing. As the video below highlights, he was much more than a movie "star". He was a true pioneer of physical training and did things that were far ahead of his time. I often wonder what influence he would have had on the current state of the "fitness industry" if he had lived longer. Even though he left us way too soon, he left behind a legacy of pushing past the possible to doing things that have never been done before.
Bruce Lee is immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but to characterize him as a movie star is a woefully inadequate description. He was a game changer, a innovator, a pioneer. He was largely responsible for introducing Chinese martial arts to the Western world. Then he fundamentally changed martial arts through his approach -- "using no way as way" -- and training methods that seemed radical in the 60s and 70s, but became the standard that is still respected to this day.
Here's more about how Lee carved his own path and why it continues to inspire followers more than 40 years after his passing:

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