Thursday, January 23, 2014

Are Bodybuilders Athletes?

Yeah. He's an athlete alright! Granted he is not a real bodybuilder, but he represents the mind set.

I suppose that the answer to that question would be determined by the answer to this.......Is bodybuilding a sport? In turn, I suppose the answer to that would be determined by..... Are there physical movement skills required where one opponent can show superior skill in overcoming his/her competitors? Sorry, posing for judges doesn't meet the criteria in my opinion. It is a contest, but not a sport or athletic activity. It is no different than any other beauty contest or pageant. Contestants present an appearance that judges subjectively grade. Does bodybuilding take hard work and discipline? You bet. Can one be an athlete and a bodybuilder. Why not?If one competes in a real sport along with bodybuilding.  But to call someone who competes in bodybuilding competitions an athlete, solely on that basis, is about as misguided as calling a pig a cow. You can do it, but it doesn't change anything. Am I against bodybuilding? Nope. If one enjoys stripping down and stepping on stage to flex their muscles, go for it. Just don't try to tell me you are an athlete for doing it. It was, at one time, years ago, a healthy activity. But with the "look" that is required to be competitive nowadays, I don't think anyone really claims that it is healthy anymore. It requires distorted proportions and an unnatural and dangerous level of dehydration to obtain that temporary appearance, not to mention the other required "medicinal support" needed to keep up. If you ever had any doubts about the athleticism of bodybuilders, watch this humorous clip below. As you see these guys running, it will surely put to rest any ideas you may have had about these guys being anything but oafs. Danica Patrick does a pretty good job in her bodysuit though. lol


  1. Really beautiful blog post! I was hooked by the quote on FB. I started my fitness journey about a year ago and have found myself committed. I am 26 and probably the best shape in 20 years!!

  2. Bodybuilding is NOT a sport
    Even the great Frank Zane said so
    Contests are no different from pageants and they are subjective,
    which makes it
    NOT a sport
    but it is a lifestyle

  3. A beauty pageant, as shallow as beauty pageants are.

  4. What enrages most homophobes in bodybuiding, the fact that this is a homoerotic beauty pageant. They always try to deny it.