Monday, January 20, 2014

CrossFit Tragedy

This has been on the news for several days and most likely you've heard about it already. It is a real and unexpected tragedy. Definitely a freak accident. Not having been there, with only the video below as a reference, it's impossible to know how such a terrible accident happened. Personally, and I have said this before, many times, I do not like to see technically complex lifts, like the snatch, done for high reps or to fatigue. Although I do believe such practices can be dangerous and invite injury not to mention being counter productive, I would not attribute this particular injury solely to that. I know from experience that in spite of all we can do to be safe, stuff happens when we are pushing to the limits. I make no attempt to explain the cause of this tragic injury. On the positive side, the response has been amazing. Nothing but good on the CrossFit community for their fund raising efforts. We only hope and pray that this athlete can make a great recovery. Meanwhile, train hard and train smart. Never underestimate that lifting heavy weights can be dangerous under the best of conditions. I do believe that lifting to failure, or pushing for max reps when fatigued,  is far more dangerous than a one rep max done when fresh with proper preparation.

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  1. Actually anything in this world can be dangerous for you if you don't have perfect knowledge about the issue. Thus before doing any workouts of crossfit you have to know the perfect way of doing that and also should follow the instruction of coaches. Anyway, I'm very upset by hearing the accident issue. Thanks