Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Vasily Alexeev

This is a really great documentary. It takes 45 minutes to watch, but if you are a weightlifting fan, the history and images are priceless. Even if you are are an athlete from another sport, this glimpse into the mind of a champion who completely dominated his sport for many years is telling. His ego certainly matched his physical presence. The physical sacrifices and the wear and tear on his body is also worth noting. He was one of those for whom training for high performance and health were not related, typical of most former Eastern Block athletes and many elite level athletes the world over.
He was most definitely one of  kind, training without a coach, using some really unique methods, and setting over 80 world records. His confidence was unmatched and he never even entertained for second that he was not in charge of whatever the situation was. Love him or hate him, there are lessons to be learned from his career and life.

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