Monday, May 19, 2014

All Black's Haka vs. NFL

Here in the USA people are already getting excited about the upcoming football season. Of course our Superbowl has become a national holiday and is billed as the world championship. True, except that the rest of the world doesn't play football. American style football is certainly a spectacle with the helmets and pads that make players look other worldly and allow for high speed collisions. The pace is really pretty slow as there is a break between each play, although a recent trend is to speed up the game and shorten the time between plays. Probably the closest thing to American football is Rugby which truly is an international sport and is played without breaks or pads. Quite a few years ago a good friend of mine who was a rugby player at BYU did his doctoral dissertation comparing the pain threshholds of American football players with rugby players. When I asked what his conclusions were, he just smiled and said (with his New Zealand accent) "Rugby players are tough!"  A lot of American football teams are using the Haka as a pregame psych up. I'm sorry, but they just don't capture the essence of the real thing.......

                                                                        Pretty pathetic.

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