Monday, June 23, 2014

Rocky Mountain Strongman

Oliver competed in Rocky Mountain Strongest Man held at the Utah Valley University Special Events Center last Saturday. Here is some footage. Some top competitors from around the country showed up. You can see Brian Shaw, who was there as a guest, in several of the videos. It was a tough meet, he had a little adversity but battled through and registered some good events. On to law school this Fall.
 It's a 265 lb. log (120 kg) and 300 lb. axle (137.5 kg)
The yoke is 950 lb. (430 kg) and the farmer's walk is 350 lb. (160 kg) in each hand.
In the deadlift he pulled 735 lb. (335 kg) and missed at 785.
The stone was 400 lb. (182.5 kg)
The wheel barrow was 550 lb. (250 kg) and the kegs 275 lb (125 kg) each. Total over 1000 lb. (452.5 kg)

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