Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Even kids can lift weights! What is your excuse?

I love this video. It gets a little monotonous in the middle with a few solid minutes of kettlebell swings. But still, if you are a hardcore fitness/lifting enthusiast who works with youth like myself, you will find it interesting. It shows kids and youth from around the world lifting in various ways. Personally I am not a big fan of sumo style deadlifting and I'm not sure I would teach a youngster to sumo deadlift, I would prefer a youngster learn to lift off the floor with the standard flatbacked full-range pulling motion. But I don't know enough of the backround in this instance to make a judgement, so I won't. Maybe there is a legitimate reason this girl is using the sumo style. I am really impressed by some of the snatch technique demonstrated. I believe that kids can and should lift so long as they do it with great technique. I do not like to see kids straining and twisting to grind up weights. I think they can lift as heavy as is possible with great technique. When the back begins to round out or the knees turn in...etc., then it's too heavy for a youngster. The kettlebell competitions are fascinating to me as we don't have anything quite like that (that I know of) in the United States. If you persist through the entire video the end is fun.

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