Monday, September 22, 2014

Tom Platz, Then and Now

I met Tom Platz for the first (and last) time in 1974 at the teenage national powerlifting championships in Erie, Pennsylvania. I placed 2nd in the lifting competition and Tom won the associated physique competition which I believe was called the teenage Mr. USA contest or something like that. We are the same age and both were 19 at the time. He learned to lift in the Detroit, Michigan area was first coached by Bob Morris, a weightlifting coach. You can certainly see that influence in Tom's squatting technique. He had an impressive looking physique for a teenager, but was no where near the size that he later reached. Over the years I saw his pictures in the various magazines as he rose to one of the stars of the bodybuilding world. It's no secret that he took advantage of whatever chemical enhancements were available. He was pretty open about his training and supplementation. Anyway, his career ran it's course and the last I knew, he was selling cars in Scottsdale, Az and weighs about 160 lb. after recovering from a heart attack. I do not mean this to be a negative or judgemental post. My purpose is just to point out that the massive size of the "bodybuilders" is unnatural and will run eventually it's course. We all make our choices and I hope the time of being big is worth it. If so, then more power to them. But it's important for young people to understand going in that the "bodybuilding" look is temporary and the sacrifices required to obtain that look have a cost.
Below is a video of Tom squatting in his prime. Also a recent picture and a video clip of him attending a recent Mr. Olympia extravaganza fully clothed and reliving the old days. It also shows the circus atmosphere that surrounds these gatherings. To each his own.

The results of heavy, high rep squatting and some "medicinal support".

Recent Picture of Tom. (on the right) You can't fool Mother Nature.

Another shot of Tom in his prime.

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