Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lift weights, improve your memory

As the years pass, I find my "forgetter" is working better and better even while the rest of my body is deteriorating. It is no surprise that exercise and weight training in particular makes the mind sharper. While I appreciate this study and even more so, the attention it is generating, it has the weakness of many weight training studies in my opinion. This included short duration (usually the length of a college semester), limited subjects ( usually college freshmen), and really limited exercise prescription (usually single joint exercises that require little or no teaching). Given these very common and widespread limitations, much research has very limited application to real life situations.
This is no exception, but the evidence it gives along with the personal experiences of many of us who have a lifting lifestyle, is encouraging and worth promoting. Just imagine what the benefits of an ongoing, lifelong habit of full body lifts can do. Just another great reason to keep lifting and help others to do so correctly.
Links to the two original articles are below the video.



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