Friday, November 14, 2014

Floyd Clifford, 87 year old champion

Here is a great story about Floyd Clifford, a Utah man who is still lifting at 87 years old. A video of him at 85 is also shown. More power to you Floyd!

(KUTV) Floyd Clifford, 87, is soft spoken and iron hard. A gentleman of the gym, he has pushed, pulled, and lifted the limits of age and fitness, repeatedly locking in dead lifts of more than 300 pounds. Video on YouTube showed Clifford lifting 303 two years ago in Salt Lake City, at an event sponsored by the Utah-based World Association of Benchers and Dead Lifters. It was enough to earn him a "world record" for his size, in the 85-89 age group, but it wasn't his heaviest lift. "When I was 76, I did pretty well," Clifford told 2News. "I got 330 pounds up." At the Holladay-Lions Recreation Center, dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt, he strapped on a leather weight lifting belt, cinched it around his 142 pound frame and hoisted 225 pounds. "I could do a little more in this, but you know...," he said. "You don't want to show off?" said 2News' Brian Mullahy. "No," Clifford replied. The understated Clifford described weights on either side of the bar as "just a couple of balloons." A psychological hold and workouts four days a week have given rise to enviable physical health. But the toned Clifford has also relished competition. "People are applauding you. They're yelling. They're applauding you on, urging you," he said. "Competition is what keeps people going. Without competition, the world would be very, very dull." When he was in his mid-70s, Clifford's son Joe, who had been weight lifting, talked his dad into giving it a try; but the seeds of Floyd Clifford's strength may has been sown as a boy in southeast Idaho. "I think it's more or less called power lifting when you're on a farm," Clifford said. He would sling sacks of potatoes and bales of hay, play football, basketball, baseball and track in school and go for personal gold over a girl names Goldie. "There was a girl in high school I wanted to impress," he said. "From then on, I tried to do the best I could. I ended up doing a little better than I thought." He married her, and they have four adult children, and as many grand kids. Clifford's secret is actually a series: exercise, eat well, "do the right thing," and help others. "When you see other people working out, go and pat them on the back, and say, 'You're doing great, keep it up. "Pay attention to other people. If they're not lifting right, try to help them if they can accept it. See if they can lift a little bit more." Clifford said his diet is high in vegetables, and low in sugar, no candy, no pastries, no soda pop, and the man from potato country, will not eat potato chips. Lean and fit, the WWII veteran and retired computer supervisor at a food wholesaler, has not yet reached every goal. At age 90, he said he plans to lift in competition again, this time with an eye on beating his best lift ever, 330 pounds. His aim: 331. _______

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